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Best Turntable Under 300

There are thousands of record players available on the market with varying price range. The top 10 best turntable under 300 $ with good quality sound is not a myth, because at a very much reasonable price, you can find a decent record player system with its amazing features. All you need to do is to go through the features and the details of some of these device. here is a review table with prices and rating from amazon customers.

 Best turntable under 300 Dollars

Best Record Player under $300


Audio Technica AT-LP120:

audio-technica-at-lp120-usbPrice: $299.00

If you are a music lover, then this turntable will give you what you want. Surprisingly, this turntable won’t cost you much when you compare the price and the quality of the musical output it gives.


  1. Comes with an in-built internal stereo phono pre-amp and USB connection for easy connectivity to the Mac or Windows computer.
  2. The selectable speeds are 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM. Includes a quartz-controlled pitch lock of high accuracy.
  3. The tone arm is S-shaped and assembled with an adaptable counterbalance. It has an additional anti-shake adjustment and height adjustment facility of the tone arm.
  4. The package includes a USB cable, Audacity software compatible with any PCs, line-level RCA output cables. Also, include a switchable pre-amp.
  5. Professional cartridge and head shell.
  6. The half-inch AT95E phonograph cartridge has a standard mount and provides great clarity and detail of the music.
  7. A start/stop button.


  1. Easy digitization of your old LPS to high-class MP3 or FLAC files which you can easily play on your computer.
  2. The S-shaped tone arm has a tone arm rest. You can keep the arm stable with a locking mechanism while you are carrying it from one place to another.
  3. The ‘table’s pitch adjustment feature plays great music, the variations range from either +/- 10 or +/- 20 percent.
  4. Easy forward and rewind play features.
  5. There is a remote button for start/stop which lets you merge the player with any DJ tools.


The audio cables are comparatively short. You have to buy a separate one if required

Adjusting the tone arm is a bit time taking.


Pioneer PL-30 Audiophile Stereo Turntable:

Price: $299.00

The PL-30 Turntable is designed to match the quality of the music churned out by the analogue chords. This turntable makes for a great and satisfactory music listening. Let’s see the features before you decide to buy it.


  1. The chassis is double-layered. It has a 4mm-Thick Metal
  2. The low center of Gravity provides for a smooth playback.
  3. Fully automatic operation.
  4. The sound clarity is improved by an in-built phono equalizer. You can easily select the mode with the On/Through Selector.
  5. It has an MM cartridge which aids in superb performance.
  6. There is a 5mm-thick rubber mat to keep any vibration in check and firmly grips the record.


  1. This record player is fully automatic. You have to position the tone-arm exactly on top of the first grooves and then gently lower it to play your favorite track.
  2. It is driven by the belt
  3. The package includes thick power cables.
  4. The cartridge belts out an amazing sound.
  5. The RCA/Phono plugs are of a superb quality.
  6. Other accessories include platter mat, a dust cover and an adapter for EP record


The table is made mostly of plastic, which means you may be required to buy a new one later.

The power cables are a bit short in length. So, you may be required to buy a new one.

Reloop RP-2000 DJ Turntable:

rp-2000-dj-record-playerPrice: $299.99

The sleek Reloop RP2000 DJ record player with the all-new black metallic finish is sure to take your breath away. Reloop is actually the brainchild of a number of music enthusiasts who wanted to mix technological functionalities with music. Soak in the experience of playing music with the best record player under 300 bucks with the following specifications.


  1. The turntable is driven by quartz and comprises of a direct drive.
  2. Has an extra heavy construction. The chassis is made up of metal which makes this turntable more reliable.
  3. The S-shaped pick-up arm gives a static balance.
  4. Connects a beat counter and a remote starter. It comes with an electronic motor brake.


  1. The RP-2000 transfers the engine power straight to the driving collar.
  2. The turntable has a superior torque which accelerates the engine power.
  3. There is a smooth start-stop button
  4. Additional accessories include a statically balanced S-shaped pick-up arm. An electronic motor brake and a shock-absorbing base let you enjoy music without any pause.


  1. The platter is a bit light.
  2. You cannot adjust the height of the tone-arm
  3. The cartridges that come with the table is a bit rigid.


Pro-Ject Essential II USB Turntable- Black

pro-ject-essential-ii-usb-turntablePrice: $349

The Essential II USB from Pro-Ject record players line is a refined version of the popular Debut Carbon. It is one of the solid listenings turntables currently available in the market with an excellent bass and sound. The design is equally stunning with a sleek and yet minimal design. It has a built-in phono preamp, which allows you to send a signal to your amp or speakers.  Thus, it can easily be your favorite turntables.


  1. USB Digital Output which digitizes the collected vinyl works
  2. It has an 8.6” tone arm completely made of aluminum and has sapphire bearings which assist in playback
  3. The belt-drive comes with a low-vibration synchronous motor
  4. The platter is of low resonance and has a stainless steel spindle
  5. The Teflon-coated brass bushing helps in smooth rotation at an accurate speed.
  6. The cartridge is of Ortofon OM5E and comes with an additional dust cover


  1. The tonearm has a high-precision bearing which can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of cartridges.
  2. It is compatible with any available cartridge
  3. User-friendly turntable with a reliable speed change technology
  4. The synchronous motor gives a mellifluous and low operating noise


  1. The platter doesn’t have a sub-platter and you have to run the belt around the edge of the main platter. The platter mat is very thin and every record sticks to it.
  2. The isolation isn’t up to the mark as you would expect.
  3. The dust cover sits on the top of the needle and puts pressure on it when closed.



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