Monday, September 19, 2016

How to Connect a Sanyo DVD recorder to an external tuner and TV

Recording a favorite TV program using a DVD recorder can be made possible using an external tuner if your DVD How to Connect a DVD recorder to an external tuner and TVrecorder does not have an in-built tuner. Sanyo DVD recorders with new digital tuners are functional for off-air antenna recording. Those without built-in tuners have coaxial cable inputs as well as line inputs where external tuners may be connected. In such instances, recording is done from the line input where the external tuner is connected. You can therefore record using the external tuner such as a converter box, or a satellite box, depending on what the signal source is for the RF cable.

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The process of connecting a DVD to an external tuner and the television is dependent on the signal input and output of each device. Many DVD’s have both the FC and the RF  signal output and input, although there are some with only the RF signal input and output but the idea is just the same for both. The output from the tuner goes to the input of the DVD and the output of the DVD goes to the input the television. First of all, you will need two 75 ohms coaxial cables and 1 to 2 sets of RCA cables. Before starting the connections, make sure that each device can comfortably support the output and the input signal sources that you wish to use. For example, you cannot use a coaxial cable to connect the RF output from the external tuner to the RF input of the DVD recorder if the latter does not have RF input ability. If the above stated conditions are achieved then you can follow the steps below:

  • Insert one end of the coaxial cable into the RF signal output of your external tuner and the other end into the RF signal input of your Sanyo DVD recorder. Instead of using the coaxial cable, you can as well connect the RCA signal outputs from the external tuner to the RCA inputs of the DVD recorder. While doing this, you should mind about the color coordinates by inserting the plug into the jack that matches its color.
  • Using the second coaxial cable, connect the RF output from your DVD recorder to the RF input at the back of your television. You can as well use the second set of the RCA cables to connect the RCA outputs from your DVD recorder to the RCA input panel on the TV.
  • Then tune your DVD recorder and the TV to a common channel, say 3 and use the input button on the TV’s remote control to set the video input channel to the input channel specified for the input source on your external tuner used to connect your DVD recorder to it.

You might have done the connections properly but it may seem that nothing is working as expected. This could mean that there might be a little problem with your Sanyo Digital Video Recorder and TV.

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